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Margo .

We are the partner you where looking for.

100% EU Content. CE Certificates.

Margo Face Shields ( visors, full face masks )

        We currently offer three different models to chose from   

  • Current Manufacturing   50K  Face Shields daily
  • Ready to go additional capability 70K Face shields daily ( two weeks’ notice required in order to secure raw materials ).
  • Additional expansion on moment’s notice possible if and when justified.
  • Redesign and design of custom models for reasonable orders.

Margo Mask Neck Headband. ( New Product ).

  • Current manufacturing capacity 10 mill./Month.
  • Possible expansion as per demand by converting existing in house production.

Margo Touch Less Handle ( New Product ). Infection Protection Product.

  • Current production capacity 10mill/Month.
  • Additional reserved manufacturing capacity 30 mill/Month. ( injection molding )  .

Margo Keypad Toucher. (New Product ) Infection Protection Product.

  • Reserved manufacturing capacity 25 mill/Month ( injection molding ).


In Addition, Margo offers :

  • Design by in house Department.
  • Contract manufacturing with the use of plastics ( injection molding including ).
  • Other contract manufacturing.
  • 40K m3of short or long term storage immediately. With potential expansion of it. Providing its justified.
  • All products manufactured at Margo can be stored at our short term storage for four months free of charge. Providing they are paid for in full.
  • Delivery to any specified location in E.U.  Wheel transport.. track load bases or pallet bases  to any specified location in the UK
  • Other logistic solutions can be provided.    

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