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100% EU manufactured product with CE Certification

Margo Face Shields (visors, full face masks)

        We currently offer five different models    

  • Current manufacturing capability 50K face shields per day
  • Additional capacity 70K face shields per day (two weeks’ notice is required to secure raw materials)
  • Additional expansion in capacity can be arranged and secured
  • Redesign and design of custom models for reasonable orders

Margo Mask Neck Headband (New Product)

  • Current manufacturing capacity 10m per month
  • Further capacity available based on demand

Margo Touchless Handle (New Product). Infection Protection Product

  • Current production capacity 10m per month
  • Additional capacity is available to produce 30m per month

Margo Keypad Toucher. (New Product) for protection from infection

  • Manufacturing capacity 25m per month

In addition, Margo offers:

  • An experienced in-house design function
  • Contract manufacturing of injection moulded products
  • Further contract manufacturing services
  • 40k m3 of short/long term storage available immediately with expansion options
  • All products manufactured by Margo can be stored short-term for four months free of charge, providing they are paid for in full
  • Delivery to any E.U. location by road transport
  • Parcel and pallet tracking to any UK location

Alternative logistic solutions can be provided on request    

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Margo, Mask Neck Headband, ® provides relive to your ears , takes away a pressure ,. Caused by Masks rubber bands.
Margo Mask Neck HEADBAND ™. CE Certified. 100% EU Manufactured. This Patented solution provides relive ...


Face shilde , face cover , face protection , 
 Face Shield is favorite among Doctors and Nurses . Pharmacist . 
 Covid-19: Infection prevention ,
Margo EAGLE ™ Full Face Protection Mask – Visor, Reusable CE Certified. 100% EU Manufactured. ...


PPE, Margo“ Hawk  “© Face Shield ,: hospital and medical staff, social workers, nursing home staff and residents, volunteers in the fight against covid19, supermarket employees, bus drivers, train service employees, police officers.
Margo HAWK ™ Full Face Protection Mask – Visor, Reusable CE Certified, 100% EU Manufactured. ...


PPE Margo“ Adler “© Face Shield is Dedicated to, Dentists, And Medical professionals using additional vision instruments at the time of treatment\', Dentists mask, Dentists face cover, Dentists personal protection, Dentists PPE,
Margo ADLER ™ Full Face Protection Mask – Visor, Reusable. CE Certified. 100% EU Manufactured. ...


Margo Clean Touch Covid19, hotel, infection protection ,
Margo CLEAN TOUCH ™ Covid-19 CE Certified, 100% EU Manufactured. Color: Yellow, Red, Blue, Grey ...


Face Mask Bonet


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