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Margo EAGLE™ Face Shield Visor



Manufacturer: Margo Internarional
Model: Eagle
Shipment: 24 hours
Weight:0.05 kg
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Margo EAGLE™ Full Face Protection Mask – Visor, Reusable

CE Certified. 100% EU Manufactured.

Effective protection from fluids, chemicals, sprays, direct splatter flying particles:

  • resistant to droplets and splashes
  • resistant to fogging
  • adjustable headband
  • optically clear

Meats all the criteria described in Covid-19 Infection prevention and control guide (Public Health England, NHS) for Full Face Protection Mask – Visor(S).

Optically clear, distortion-free, anti-fog wrap around, full-length face shield.

Designed with the cooperation of Italian Doctors and Fashion designers.

Ergonomic esthetic design:

  • adjustable elastic band for easy fit and added strength
  • modern headband holder allows for the greatest stability of shield.
  • Light-weight, with 1cm foam forehead (for extra stability), comfortable to wear all day long.

Reusable. Durable and resistant alcohol-based disinfectant products.

Easy for multiple rapid assembly and disassembly.

Extremely stable you can walk or run in it. The most comfortable to were.

Should be used according to COVID-19 Infection prevention and control guide (Public Health England, NHS).

Margo EAGLE™ Face Shield is favorite among Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacist.


  • Individually wrapped with assembly kid 1pc (plastic bag)
  • Cardboard box 40 x 30 x 60 cm / 200 pcs. Weight 11 kg.
  • Euro pallet 24 boxes. Total of 4'800 pcs. Weight 270 kg.
Certificate, National Institut of
Public Health /Poland 
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Margo EAGLE™ Face Shield Visor

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