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Margo CLEAN TOUCH™ Door Handle



Manufacturer: Margo Internarional
Model: Clean Touch
Shipment: 24 hours
Weight:0.10 kg
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Margo CLEAN TOUCH™ Covid-19

CE Certified, 100% EU Manufactured.

  • Color: Yellow, Red, Blue, Grey
  • Size 4,5 cm x 13,5 cm
  • Material ABS, CE Certified
  • Current manufacturing capacity 15 mill / Month
  • On hand spear stock on the day of this offer 800K

The door handle is on the top of the list for most frequently used hardware. During the era of Covid-19 one of the easiest for contamination.

In order to reduce this risk Margo designed CLEAN TOUCH™. 

The use of it is one of the crucial Infection Protection elements. I.P.E. helps to regain pulik confidence.

In some regions it becomes obligatory at all Public Buildings and Hotels. 

Currently used at:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Railway and Bus Stations
  • Government offices
  • Banks
  • Police stations
  • Military base
  • Citi Halls
  • Other public places


  • doesn’t interfere with the existing handle
  • Is simple for installation
  • Installed as per the manual, it doesn’t live traces on the original handle
  • It is manufactured in various colors

Margo CLEAN TOUCH™ is Injection Molded out of ABS. Its durability and finish give outstanding looks in comparison to any other technology.

Set contains:

  • One Margo CLEAN TOUCH
  • Simple assembly instruction
  • Visualization of use of it (Door Signe)


  • Individually wrapped with assembly kid 1pc / plastic bag (100 gram)
  • Cardboard box 20 x 30 x 15 cm / 20 pcs. Weight 2 kg.
  • Euro Pallet 192 boxes. Total of 3840 pcs. Weight 384 kg.
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Margo CLEAN TOUCH™ Door Handle

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