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For Dentist’s, Margo ADLER™ Face Shield Visor



Manufacturer: Margo Internarional
Model: Adler
Shipment: 24 hours
Weight:0.06 kg
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Margo ADLER™ Full Face Protection Mask – Visor, Reusable.

CE Certified. 100% EU Manufactured.

Effective protection from fluids, chemicals, sprays, direct splatter flying particles:

  • resistant to droplets and splashes
  • resistant to fogging
  • adjustable headband
  • optically clear
  • Dentist's mask

Meats all the criteria described in Covid-19 Infection prevention and control guide (Public Health England, NHS) for Full Face Protection Mask – Visor(S).

Margo ADLER™ Face Shield was designed in cooperation with members of German Dental Assoc. All distances and dimensions are customized, in order to allow for the use of additional vision instruments.

Optically clear, distortion-free, anti-fog wrap around, full-length face shield.

Designed with the cooperation of Italian Fashion designers.

Ergonomic, esthetic design: 

  • adjustable elastic band for easy fit and added strength
  • modern headband holder allows for the greatest stability of shield
  • light-weight, with 1cm foam forehead (for extra stability), comfortable to wear all day long

Reusable. Durable and resistant alcohol-based disinfectant products.

Easy for multiple rapid assembly and disassembly.

Should be used according to Covid-19 Infection prevention and control guide (Public Health England, NHS).

Margo ADLER™ Face Shield is dedicated to Dentists and Medical professionals using additional vision instruments at the time of treatment.


  • Individually wrapped with assembly kid 1pc (plastic bag)
  • Cardboard box 40 x 30 x 60 cm / 200 pcs. Weight 13 kg.
  • Euro pallet 24 boxes. Total of 4'800 pcs. Weight 312 kg.
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For Dentist’s, Margo ADLER™ Face Shield Visor

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