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Face Mask Bonet


Quantity:2 Bonet Face Covers /Box.

Manufacturer: Margo Internarional
Model: 2 Bonet Face Covers /Box.
Shipment: 48 hours
Weight:0.01 kg
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                                                                           PPE.  Margo Reusable Face Cover  “ Bonet “

The reusable Bonet Face Cover can be worn continuously as long as it is kept clean with anti-bacterial solutions. The fabric noseband can be washed at least 30 times.

The transparent shield is easily cleaned.

When used for the first time, the unique nose strap contains a profiling memory band that can be adjusted to the shape of the wearer's nose for added comfort.

The Bonet Face Mask meets PPE requirements whilst offering better airflow than other mask types.

The mask increases the wearer's ability to communicate, increasing self-confidence, and allows improved interaction with children, older people and those who use sign language.

The straps can be worn over the ears or can be connected to the comfort neckband which is included. 


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Face Mask Bonet

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